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Going to Battle with Star Wars - Black Series Style!

The Woozy-Ness: Toy Photography Online Exhibition

Okay… Okay...  Stormtroopers and their brethren get a lot of slack for their brilliant intelligence, but hey, they make awesome subjects for toy art photography!  We caught up with our favorite Star Wars Moo-ster: Max about his love for Star Wars, Black Series action figures (Hasbro), and his super cool toy photography.  See his pics below and see why he hates fun discrimination too!

Star Wars Black Series

Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro) Sandtroopers (Orange & White/Black Pauldrons) with Stormtrooper 

Hey Max, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Max Sabin. I'm originally from Davenport, Iowa, but grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I'm currently attending school in Fargo, ND in hopes of becoming a writer, and from there I hope to become an author and/or work in the film/TV industry.

We know this is hard, but what is your favorite toy line?

My favorite toy lines are Unimax's "Forces of Valor" 1/32 scale model tanks and other military vehicles and Hasbro's recent 6' Star Wars Black Series figures. I've always loved Military history and Star Wars, so having a favorite between the two is impossible for me to come up with. My favorite tank is the 2nd Edition Panzer IV. It is in all white camo and was something that I wanted ever since I was a little kid. My favorite Black Series figure has got to be the Stormtrooper and all of the variants like it. It is SO articulated and, even though you can’t see his face, you can make his body language tell a story that nothing else really can.

Star Wars Black Series Jango Fett
Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro) Jango Fett

What is your dream toy?

I would love to see a 6' Black Series AT-ST made, complete with a commander figure. It would be awesome to have a vehicle other than a TIE fighter for the troopers to interact with. I can only hope that hasbro sees this post!

Why does fun discrimination suck to the 10000th degree?

I think that that everyone should be allowed to play or collect whatever toys they want. I know as a little kid my cousin (who is a girl) and I would play with a large dollhouse that she had received as a gift. I didn't think of it as weird that I, a boy, was playing with so-called "girl toys", because I was just a little kid at the time. If a little kid can look past the stereotype of what is a girl toy and what is a boy toy, then I think anybody can.

Star Wars Black Series Stormtrooper Sandtrooper
Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro) Sandtrooper (with pauldron taken off) with Scout Troopers

Can you tell us about your work and your thought process for this gallery?

I read a lot of history books as a kid, so I'll remember seeing a picture of a soldier and then pose a Stormtrooper in a similar pose to that, then I'll write a story to go along with it. As for my tank shots, I'll just position the tank's gun in a certain way and then take pictures of it from almost every possible angle. From there, it gives me enough options if I don't like a particular angle or if I want to edit the shot.

Any last thoughts for fans?

No matter what anybody may say about collecting or taking pictures with toys, you just got to keep your head up and stay positive. The reason why I started taking pics was because it was an outlet for me when I was getting picked on in High School. Now, after almost 3 and a half years of taking pics of model tanks and Star Wars figures, I can say that I've met some truly amazing people that I wouldn't have met otherwise, and even some of the kids that used to pick on me comment and say that what I do is truly amazing. So don't give up on your passions and hobbies; be yourself, and you'll be happier in doing so. 

Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper
Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro) Sandtroopers (Orange & White/Black Pauldrons)

Woozy Moo is a proud supporter of all things awesome.  If you or anyone you know creates awesome things with toys and hates fun discrimination, let us know at!



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