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Our Story

Pink Girl Toy Aisle and Blue Boy Toy Aisle 

Have you ever walked down a toy aisle and said: "Holy smokes, what is with all the pinkness in the girl’s section," "There are no toys that look like me," or "Why don't they carry toys that satisfy my awesome collector needs?"

Yeah, we've said that too.  If you think about it, traditional toy stores are kind of marginalizing. They tell girls that they are supposed to play with this and boys with that.  They give little love to nerdy (but awesome!) toy collectors.  They only have toys that “sell.”

At Woozy Moo, we believe in toys for everyone. No girl or boy toys.  Just toys!  There will be toys that look like you. Toys that make you think, and toys that you can play with for hours. We don't discriminate against fun.

Just think of us as the United Nations of toys. We have the toys that the “others” don’t carry. Let’s not leave anyone out and let’s end fun discrimination!

Fun without Discrimination

How it all started...

It all started when our founder, Hai Tiet (pronounced like “hi” and “t-eat”), was working at the United Nations.  He saw how inequalities start at a young age—even in the world of toys.  Girls are told to play with dolls that do not look like them and finding good quality learning toys are few and far between. The toy industry was (and still is) basically controlling fun.

Frustrated, Hai decided something had to change.  There should be no gendered toys.  Kids should be able to be themselves, play with what they want, and have fun learning.  A big giant corporation shouldn't tell us what fun is.  So with the skills he learned at Harvard, Columbia, and the UN, he decided to give birth to Woozy Moo!

Here’s a little secret, when Hai was young, he was obsessed with Sailor Moon, which was “marketed” towards girls at the time, so maybe that is why he is so passionate about Woozy Moo!  Read about what others have said about us here (press).

Hai in Woozy Moo Warehouse