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Figma, Figuarts, and Nendoroids Love!

The Woozy-Ness: Toy Photography Online Exhibition

As part of our toy photography exhibition, today’s spotlight is on Jose A. Zamora. Jose’s work is just AWESOME.  Check out his gallery below along with our interview on his favorite toys and why he thinks fun discrimination sucks!

What is your name and where are you from?
Jose A Zamora. Waco, Texas.

What is your favorite toy line?
SH Figuarts by Bandai

Any specific favorite figures?
Dragonball Z figures

What is your dream toy that you wish to be made?
Bleach action figures. 6 inch scale.

How do you feel about "fun discrimination" in the toy industry and what should we do about it?
I don't think it's fair to be told what you should be interested in because of gender. If a woman enjoys action figures more than Barbie dolls, that's great! I consider that wife material! As far as doing something about it, I know plenty of women who take great photos. I support them all the way and sticking together is really the best thing.

For my final thoughts I say this, do what you like! Do what you enjoy! Because at the end of the day, it's all about enjoying the toy movement! And a huge thanks to Woozy Moo for the great honor!


Dragon Ball Z Figuarts
Dragon Ball Z
By: Bandai S. H. Figuarts
Dragonball Z has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. I was introduced to this series by my older brother and was instantly a die hard fan. These are by far my favorite figures in my entire collection and I try to show that with each photo I take of them.


Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter
By: Good Smile Company Figma
Figma is another one of my favorite toy brands. And these girls are simply kick ass! I love collecting girl characters so I am totally against the fun discrimination. This set is one of my priced possessions and I keep them displayed out in the open for all to see!


Iron Man
Ironman Mark 43
By: Bandai S. H. Figuarts
Always been a fan of Ironman. Owned a bunch of trading cards as a kid and he was always my favorite. This is his mandatory landing pose. It's a must!


Hatsu Miku
Hatsune Miku!
By: Good Smile Company
I consider myself a Vocaloid fan! I absolutely love Miku! Yeah she's a girl toy, but so what! I picked a few flowers from my mothers garden for the background. Make it more colorful!


Woozy Moo is a proud supporter of all things awesome.  If you or anyone you know creates awesome things with toys and hates fun discrimination, let us know at!


when will it be fully stock on S.H. Figuarts Dragón Ball Z to buy,im literally dying on buying sold out stuff from SH FIGUARTS!!


This is a fantastic article! I love the amazing responses from Jose about what he’s interested in when it comes to toy photography and why. I can also absolutely agree that you shouldn’t have to limit your enjoyment of specific toys because of your gender! Thank you for introducing me to a new and rising toy photographer!! It looks like he is doing a phenomenal job at catching and displaying the great attributes of his figures through his work. Rock on and keep going! ???

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