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Girl Power: Girls Can Be Toy Collectors Too!

The other day Woozy Moo had a staff party with some Moo-sters in the Atlanta area.  We were talking about toy collectors and about what first comes to mind when they think of collectors.  A handful of the Moo-ing party goers said they think of the following Saturday Night Live skit about Star Wars toy collectors (see below).



Of course there is nothing wrong being a toy collector at any age!  More power to you being you!  But… we were asking… Why are all the images of “nerdy” guys?  What about the gals?  We have many gals on staff here at Woozy Moo that love toy collecting, so here we are to say that girls are awesome and that the toy collecting world should embrace more gals : ) 

To celebrate the awesomeness that is toy collecting and gals, we caught up with super toy collecting gal and fellow Moo-ster: Kyleigh Parker.  She is an avid collector, believes fun discrimination SUCKS, and takes awesome toy photography!  So to rejoice in the coolness of toy collectors who identify with the female gender, check out Kyleigh’s interview and photos below!


Kyleigh!  So give us the low down… Name and where you from?

My name is Kyleigh Parker, and I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

What is your absolute favorite toy line?

My favorite toy line is Nendoroid from Good Smile Company. My favorite figures would have to be the Toon Link Nendoroid and the Majora's Mask Nendoroid! I love all the expressions and accessories they come with and The Legend of Zelda has always been my favorite game series. 

Super Mario

What is your DREAM toy?

I would LOVE for some more figures to be made from one of my favorite anime, Gurren Lagann! A Nendoroid of Kamina would be amazing!

Fun discrimination sucks, yeah?

I think it's silly how a lot of toys have been set to target a certain gender. When I was little, I often played with G.I. Joes, Star Wars figures, and Super Hero toys, as opposed to Barbies and what most girls were "supposed" to play with. As a result, I was often teased for it. I think everyone has a right to love the things they love regardless of it being a girl or guy thing. Toys are for everyone to enjoy! 

Pokemon Pikachu

Can you tell us a little about the photoshoot you did today?

With summertime beginning here in the U.S., I wanted to bring a warm and inviting feel to the photos I did. I have many fond memories of summer and it's reflected in these shots. I spent a lot of time exploring the woods and creek near my home, fishing, catching bugs, and I also spent plenty of lazy afternoons reading in the shade. 

Any last comments for other Moo-sters?

When it comes to art and creating something unique to share with the world, don't ever be afraid to be different. Create your own style, use your unique talents to create something fresh and new to share. You never know who you might inspire through your talent! 


Woozy Moo is a proud supporter of all things awesome.  If you or anyone you know creates awesome things with toys and hates fun discrimination, let us know at!

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