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Why We Have a “Girl Power” Toy Collection

Some have asked us why we have a “Girl Power” collection at Woozy Moo when, in fact, we are trying to breakdown gender barriers! That is a very good question and we thank all the Moo-sters for asking this!

Before launching Woozy Moo, we thought long and hard about having a “Girl Power” collection as we do not want to segregate anything by gender; however, we have noticed in the toy business (along with many other industries) that girls and women are heavily marginalized and not well-represented in a multifaceted way. Although we agree that all labels should be removed (and we hope to remove the “Girl Power” collection in the future), we have seen in our line of work at the United Nations that some marginalized communities often do not get the spotlight they deserve.  We also believe that some communities need a supporting hand in the beginning to reach their goals. Since our goal is to raise the profile of girls/women and end marginalization, toys in this category include strong female characters and role models showing off how cool girls/women can be.  This collection also aims to promote and empower a population that has been historically marginalized. Our goal is empower girls (and boys) and encourage them to be the best they can be.

Basically, we believe in the message the photo below is conveying :)

equality justice

We hope that clears things up for all the cool Moo-sters out there! We here at Woozy Moo are striving for the day that all labels are removed and that there are toys for all: boys, girls, special needs kids, etc. To reach our goal, we hope to give a little push to encourage little moo-sters to be awesome!  We love our Moo-sters!

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