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Action Figures Unite to End Fun Discrimination!

We all don't like it when people hate on us for no reason or because of who we are (well if you do like being hated on, then.... that is a whole other story!).  A team of our favorite action figures joined up together to show Moo-sters that there is no reason to hate - even the "worst" of enemies show that with a little love, things can be all good!

Check out the toy love below, and let's end fun discrimination together! Photos by fellow Moo-ster Joe Milone.

Hulk shows some toy love for Revoltech Yotsuba!

No more fighting with Marvel Legends Captain America and Iron Man!

G.I. Joe and Cobra making mends through yummy cake!

 The Circle of Toy Love


Woozy Moo is a proud supporter of all things awesome.  If you or anyone you know creates awesome things with toys and hates fun discrimination, let us know at!


Pretty cool.

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