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Why Black Dolls Are Uglier Than White Dolls

No, we don't think black dolls are ugly.  This, however, is a response from a child in a recreation of Kenneth and Mamie Clark's famous 1940s study on race and children.  In the study, the Clarks asked children which doll they thought was prettier: the white doll or black doll.  The results were not good; black/African-American children preferred white dolls 63% of the time and thought they were prettier.

The research is known to many, but it does have some context today and sends the important message that racism and self-worth is not coded in DNA, but rather taught and learned.  Check out the video below.  The video is a collection of recreations of the Clarks' work (including one done by CNN's Anderson Cooper and those done in other countries) showing us that this is still a problem 70+ years later.

In one recreation done by ABC News's Good Morning America, "they found[...], at least some of the results were markedly different [compared to the 1940s study]: of the 19 black children surveyed, 42 percent said they'd rather play with a black doll compared with 32 percent for the white doll. But when asked which doll was prettier, nearly half of the girls in the group chose the white doll."

It's heartbreaking and reminds to tell little Moo-sters that being different is not a bad thing.





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