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Top 10 Toys Only Magical Evil Gnomes Love

So here at Woozy Moo, we are always on the lookout for the coolest toys out there for fearless girls and awesome boys.  Unfortunately, sometimes we run into duds, weird things only evil magical gnomes could love, or outright "OMG RUNNNN BEFORE IT EATS US."  We thought we should share some of this "love" with you. 


10. God Action Figure with AK-47

God Action Figure with AK-47
Because God always carries an AK-47.

9. Oreo Barbie
Oreo Barbie

What in the dirty red apples is this?

8. Unicorn Meat

Unicorn Meat
Yes, this is a real toy and not something you can get at Whole Foods. Apparently it is a toy plush inside, but we don’t know if it is locally grown or organic

7. Pole Dance Doll

Pole Dance Doll
We just ordered 200 boxes of these for our local school! <--kidding

6. Hillary Clinton Action Figure

Hillary Clinton Action Figure
Love her or hate her, we thought this was so funny, so funny that we decided to get Hillary for Woozy Moo!

5. Toilet Flinging Poo

Toilet Flinging Poo
Whoever knew poo can fly out of toilets? You can thank the Japanese for discovering this. Darn geniuses!

4. Moxie Girlz: Rainbow Poopsy Pets

Moxie Girlz: Rainbow Poopsy Pets
Continuing the poo story....poos rainbows?!?!? This is why we need therapy. 

3. Pet Rock

Pet Rock
We bet the inventor of this toy is basking in millions

2. Jar Jar Binks Tongue Candy

Jar Jar Binks Tongue Candy
This is why Jar Jar Binks is not in Star War movies anymore.

1. Vanilla Ice Doll

Vanilla Ice Doll
Calm down.  We know....


Just has to comment, I laughed not once, not twice but numerous times out loud. Brilliant list of genius/bizarro inventions!

Hey I find that Jar Jar Binks comment offensive! It is not his fault he was lame :)

Hahaha, you guys are so funny! I saw the Moxie doll in Target a long time ago, and I thought to myself, who in the world would buy this?!

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