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The World Sucks: Let's Make It Better

 UN Women

Picture Courtesy of UN-Women


Yes, we promote gender neutral toys, STEM, and love Rey and Kylo Ren from Star Wars, but did you know almost 14 out of 100 children will die before the age of 5 in Chad, while in the U.S., that same statistic is only 0.7 out of 100 kids (World Bank, 2015)?  How about that American women on average earned 81 percent of what American men made in 2010 (UN-ILO, 2015)? Or only 22% of African-Americans age 25 to 29 have a bachelor’s degree compared to White Americans at 41% (NCES, 2015).

There is something wrong with these numbers, yeah?

Although these issues are very complex with many originating factors, there is something very wrong with these numbers.  Why can’t women earn as much as men?  Why aren’t more African-Americans graduating from college?  Is it fair that a child born in the U.S. will have a greater chance to survive than a child born in Chad?

Here at Woozy Moo, we want to change those numbers, and so, we are launching the Woozy Moo No-Hate Scholarship program to support young people in their quest to change the world.

We lay down our DIY Bubblegum kit and put our Marvel Legends toy collection aside and want to hear from young people how we together should change the world.  If we like your idea, we’ll support you in your college education! 

So if you believe that the world could be a better place and you have the guts to make it happen, we want to hear from you!  Check the link below and apply to the Woozy Moo No-Hate Scholarship!

Woozy Moo No-Hate Scholarship

Woozy Moo No-Hate Scholarship



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